Collins was 17 of 38 for 223-not a great completion percentage. He did complete two passes to the defense. The Chiefs fan in me wants to think they can rise up and get a win  nfl jerseys wholesale just out of pride. The realist in me knows that as bad of a coach as many fans think Norv Turner is, he absolutely owns the Chiefs.

As in the case of all other drug-testing methods, urine drug testing also has some advantages and disadvantages. It is also one of the most controversial methods of drug testing. best nba jerseys  When the Patriots offense got the ball back, the fourth quarter clock ticking down, the Jets ahead by 7 points, who among us did not think something along the lines of, "Uh oh, here they go again." After all, these are the Patriots we're talking about, a team that came back against Buffalo last week with Tom Brady at the helm. And these were the Jets, too, who have had their share of blown games in the more than 40 years and counting since their last Super Bowl..


Lastly, what would the Olympics be without a memorable sports drink campaign (or three)? Wieden + Kennedys Power Through TVC aligns the benefits of Powerade with the line between breaking point and breaking through. A visual powerhouse (pun not intended), this commercial is packed with muscles, tension and a high emotion voice-over underlining the point that extra effort is what differentiates athletes who go home with medals and those who dont..


Before antivenom was introduced, more than 50% of death adder bites were fatal. Now, with the antivenom, and due to the slow progression of envenomation symptoms, fatalities from death adder bites are very rare in Australia. Back in the mid-1980s, some teams were blatantly losing games towards the end of the season to get the league worst record and a 50% shot at the #1 draft pick (worst two teams flipped a coin)In attempt to prevent this, the NBA instituted a "lottery", wherein every team that didn make the playoffs (back then it was 7 teams) would have an equal chance to get the #1 pickOver the years, as the number of NBA teams has grown and the better non-playoff teams kept getting higher draft picks than the worst teams, they implemented a weighted lottery, where the worst team has something like a 40% chance for the #1 pick, while the #14 team has about a 0.5% chance. Still, the number of mediocre teams the really bad ones seems to defy the laws of probabilityThe NBA will probably the lottery system again before next season....The intersecting square when you draw your fingers