That picture alone makes my mouth water. The Reuben has been typical deli fare and many different lay claim to having invented it. I tend to side with the sandwich origins being the no longer existing Reuben Delicatessen in New York City where the sandwich was supposedly invented in 1914. One of the biggest sandwiches around, a typical Reuben consists of a big helping of quality corned beef (none of that canned junk), sauerkraut, our friend Swiss cheese, either Russian or Thousand-Island dressing between slices of rye or pumpernickel. Some delicious variations on the Reuben substitute hot pastrami for corned beef to make a sandwich some call Rachel. Hot pastrami on rye was wholesale nhl jerseys  one of my favorites I couldn fit on the list, mostly because it too similar to the Reuben. This beast is definitely not meant to be eaten on the go, and there nothing like sitting down at your local deli and partaking in a delicious Reuben.

a long day comes to a close. it started with a plane ride and a bumpy landing in reno and now it ends with a long journal entry.  wholesale nfl jerseys i actually just had a real long entry but somehow it was lost. after meeting up with Bert here in Gardnerville we hung out and then made our way to dinner. it was a bountiful dinner at a Basque restaurant. for appetizers they automatically give you soup, salad, beans and beef stew. kind of crazy but nicely filling. i had the lamb for dinner and it was very good. along with that i had about six very small glasses of red wine. the wine came from some no label-having screw top bottle so you knew it was the good stuff. oh, i did start the night there with pican punch which is some sort of hard liquor mixture that is a restaurant specialty.


ok so I forgot one of the craziest things I have ever seen happen. last Friday when Susan was giving Rocco and I a ride to the liquor store we were going down the road minding our own damn business. when this car decides to make its own lane. well since there is snow on the ground the lanes are narrower then normal but he still wanted to merge. well being NJ 2 cars can almost magically fit into 1 lane of traffic but the guy actually turned into the pickle(Susans green station wagon) made contact. and kept driving. there was no chance what so ever to catch up to or even see the plates. luckly though there was no damnage but still the simple fact remains that NJ drivers suck* (*note this is for all the NJ drivers I don know. if you have never ridden in a car with someone from NJ then you wouldn understand.

 I know they probably don't have enough to trade