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In 1914, the first officially elected management of the club was the following: Vladimir Grigorov - Chairman; Georgi Manolov - Deputy Chairman; Krum Dinkov - nhl jerseys china Secretary; Boris Vasilev - Cashier; Stefan Toshkov and Atanas Yankov - Members; Kostadin Manolov - Manager. During the first few years Levski consisted of the following key players: K. Gigorov - Goalkeeper; K. Manolov and K. Dinkov - Defenders; S. Stoyanov and B. Vasilev - Midfielders; V. Grigorov, C. Genev, P. Stoyanovich, G. Manolov and D. Sirakov - Forwards.


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The Chicago Bears are out of playoff contention but still lack a major threat at the receiver position. Is Terrell Owens just what the pigskin ordered for the Bears? The answer here is yes. The Bears offense is predictable; a weak running game and quarterback Jay Cutler has been both inconsistent and lacked a receiver who could be a downfield threat, thereby allowing the Bear offense to open up, In trading for Owens the Bears would make a statement that management is not satisfied with .500 seasons and is committed to diversifying the team's offense. Cutler would be a far more efficient quarterback with a speedy outside threat and, by adding Owens for the remainder of this season and for the 2010 season.


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